Kylie Jenner's Just Bought A New Multi-Million Dollar Mansion…

Kylie Jenner's Just Bought A New Multi-Million Dollar Mansion…

The 17-year-old has just dropped some serious cash on a new home close to her older sisters

Kylie Jenner is the latest celebrity to give us serious house envy with the purchase of her new multi-million dollar mansion.

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan – who recently made her catwalk debut for brother-in-law Kanye at New York Fashion Week – has decided to buy a property near to her older sisters in The Oaks area of Casabalas, California.

And, quelle surprise, this five-bedroom house didn't come cheap. As well as more than enough bedrooms for a single teenager to know what to do with, the mansion boasts a pool, a home cinema and a pretty huge marble kitchen. Not forgetting a generous garden in which Kylie's dog Norman can have run around in.

So how much does a house like this cost? Well, Kylie reportedly spent a whopping $2.7million on her first home, which is a helluva lot of money by anyone's standards. 

But the youngster hasn't moved all her things in yet. She's waiting for her 18th birthday in August to officially take up residence.

Something tells us there's going to be a housewarming to remember…

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