Don’t You Know Who She Is? It’s Kylie Vs Kylie In The Battle Of The Names

Don’t You Know Who She Is? It’s Kylie Vs Kylie In The Battle Of The Names

Kylie Jenner, you’re not the only Kylie in the business…

Kylie Jenner might be a lot of things, but she’s definitely not the only Kylie on the block. After the sell-out success of her liquid lipstick line and clothing collection with sister Kendall Jenner, the 18-year-old is now trying to trademark her name, and it’s not going down too well with Kylie Minogue.

Attempting to lock down the trademark for her first name, no doubt to launch more make-up and fashion lines in the United States, Kylie Jenner’s application didn’t go unnoticed by Miss Minogue — and her lawyers, a firm called KDB, are having none of it.

In more hefty legal documents filed to shut down Kylie J’s trademark application, Kylie M’s lawyers are pretty brutal in their takedown of the reasons for the trademark. According to KDB, allowing Miss Jenner to trademark her first name would 'dilute' Kylie Minogue’s brand.

According to documents from the official sounding Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, KDB also refer to Kylie Jenner as a ‘secondary reality television personality who appeared on [TV] as a supporting character’.

(At this point, we wish there was an emoji to distinguish between the two Kylies so we didn’t have to keep using their full names, so bear with us…)


Kylie Minogue’s lawyers also point out that other Kylie ‘is active on social media’ (51million followers more active that Kylie Minogue), but that her ‘photographic exhibitionism and controversial posts’ are not what Kylie M is about. Awkward. 

And if you were wondering what Kylie Minogue thinks about the whole thing, we think this Tweet pretty much sums it up:


With all the legal stuff still pending, we’re going to have to watch this space to see who wins out, but we don’t see why Kylie J can’t just stick her last name on her branded highlighter. What do you think?

Is Kylie Jenner’s beauty look a sign of what’s to come with her upcoming make-up range?

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