Kylie Jenner Spends FORTY MINUTES Making Up Her Lips: Here Are 7 Things You Could Do Instead

Kylie Jenner Spends FORTY MINUTES Making Up Her Lips: Here Are 7 Things You Could Do Instead

Err, you spend HOW LONG putting on lipstick? We've rounded up 7 other things we reckon Kylie Jenner's time would be better spent doing...

We’re still reeling here at InStyle HQ from the shocking news that the youngest of the famous K Sisters spends the best part of three-quarters of an hour applying make-up to her lips every day. Yes folks, that’s FORTY MINUTES of pencilling, plumping and painting to achieve the “perfect” pout. And while we understand that full, glossy lips are probably THE most important thing in young Kylie’s life, there are other ways we’d rather spend our time. So as we apply some Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to our low-maintenance lips in a matter of seconds, here’s what we’ll be up to instead.

1. Have a nap

Well, isn’t this just the ideal amount of time for forty winks? Experts say that taking a nap in the middle of the day can improve productivity at work. We’re rather hoping that InStyle will follow the lead of companies like Google and install sleep pods in the office. Zzzz…..

2. Listen to Uptown Funk nearly nine times

At just over 4 minutes 30 seconds, you’ll get to listen to your favourite Bruno Mars song a little over eight times. If you watch it on YouTube, you might pick up the dance routine while you’re at it, too.


3. Go for a walk

If you stroll at an average of 3 miles per hour, you could do about 2.5 miles in your forty minutes. Great for your Pacer average.

4. Go to the Isle of Wight

The car ferry crossing from Portsmouth to Fishbourne, Isle of Wight, is around 40 minutes. If you take the passenger ferry instead, you might even get there and back in the allotted time…


5. Have a blow dry

Head to one of Hersheson’s Blow Dry Bars and they’ll give you a new do in just thirty minutes. Allow an extra ten minutes for reading magazines in the waiting room.

6. Do an exercise class

Loads of gyms do 40 minutes classes so that you can fit them into your lunch break. Spinning and Pilates are perfect, or you could probably fit in a quick swim. Good for your figure, and certainly more interesting than applying lipgloss.

7. Bake a cake

Got a sweet tooth? Then why not spend your time making a delicious cake. Here’s a handy recipe for lemon drizzle cake from Mary Berry that bakes in 35-40 mins. You’re welcome.


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