Kylie Jenner Reveals Which Kardashian Sister She Gets Her Style Tips From

Kylie Jenner Reveals Which Kardashian Sister She Gets Her Style Tips From

Her family are no slouches in the fashion department, but which sibling does the youngest Kardashian-Jenner get wardrobe tips from?

If we had Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian as older sisters, we'd be raiding their wardrobes a LOT.

And though Kylie Jenner has some pretty cool clothes of her own thank-you-very-much, she has picked up a few style tips from her older siblings.

Speaking to us at a special tea hosted by InStyle and beauty brand Nip + Fab - for whom Kylie is the new ambassador - the 17-year-old KUWTK starlet told us which members of her family have influenced her wardrobe the most. "Style-wise I think I'm like Khloe during my down days" she said, "and Kim if I'm dressing up."

Though there's a 17-year age gap between Kylie and Kim, the two do appear to share a similar look. The dark mesh-top Kylie wore to Westfield to promote Nip + Fab looked a lot like an ensemble worn by Kim to one of Kanye's gigs in Paris recently.

Though despite having a very style-conscious family, Kylie told us she looks back at her outfits in previous seasons of KUWTK and cringes. "There are so many things I wore from like, age eleven to thirteen that I'm now thinking 'NOT cute!' On the last season I used to not really care, now I look back and go 'why don't you just put your hair down and put a cute outfit on?!'"

But she added that she's stepped things up for the new season. "This time when the cameras were around I made sure I was dolled up!"

And while the combined worth of the Kardashians runs into the tens of millions, Kylie also revealed how her mother Kris Jenner has taught her the value of money the hard way. "My Mum cut me off financially three years ago" she said, "so I have been paying for everything since then. I pay for my car, my gas, my clothes, my food - I pay for everything."

Now that's what we call tough love...

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