Kylie Jenner Has Recreated *That* Kim Kardashian Belfie...

Kylie Jenner Has Recreated *That* Kim Kardashian Belfie...

It looks like Kimmy's not the only one who's been doing her squats

Who can forget THAT Kim Kardashian belfie? Standing in a white swimsuit with a large mirror to capture her shot, the 34-year-old's bum shot practically broke Instagram when it was uploaded to her feed last year. 

After months of inspiring its own memes, it looks as though Kim's snap has now inspired another member of the Kardashian Klan to show off her posterior for the world (or her 18 million-strong Insta-following.)

That's right, Kim's half-sister Kylie Jenner has recreated her older sis's iconic image for herself! And while she has notably more clothes on while doing it, her bum definitely gives Kim's a run for its money in the pert stakes. 

Posting the shot to the feed, 17-year-old Kylie said: 'Staying comfortable in my @meundies Time to jump in bed after this long week.'

Needless to say, her post has caused quite the stir on the social media platform with some accusing the teenager of photo-shopping her proportions. To be fair, that waist is pretty tiny, but it doesn't look the the shot has been doctored; well not to us, anyway... 

Regardless, any girl who's proud of her curves is alright in our book. 

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