Kylie Jenner Reveals That She Has A 'Boys' Room' In Her House

Kylie Jenner Reveals That She Has A 'Boys' Room' In Her House

Who'd have thought

If Kylie Jenner’s dogs could talk, they’d probably say, 'what a time to be alive.'

The 19-year-old Kylie Cosmetics founder took to Snapchat once again to give her followers a tour of her Hidden Hills, California home, which now includes a space specifically for pups Norman and Bambi, among other enviable features.

Her shot of the canine cave includes a plush dog bed in front of a cozy fire, which is proof positive that her pets are living the dream. Later she captures a #shelfie that further shows her dedication to her furry BFFs, with the caption, 'Clearly I’m not obsessed.'

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Her new art acquisitions include a graphic piece depicting half of a heart and a portrait of mom, Kris Jenner, wrapped in fur that she had framed shortly after moving into the pad, which she picked up for $6 million in May.




There’s one room, though, that stands out from the well-documented coffee table collections and stacks of fashion tomes: 'the boys room.' The somewhat cryptic shot showcases an array of issues of Playboy magazine next to a glass ashtray.

Whether a four-legged companion or a friend stopping by for a smoke, Kylie’s got her houseguests covered.

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