Kristen Stewart is so notorious for being a closed book that we know next to nothing about her, even though she's spent the majority of her life in the public eye. However, after her latest (but very unconventional) interview we've been given a never-before-seen insight to what she's *really* like, and yep, there are a few surprises to be had... 

As part of the 'Carversations' YouTube series, the 25-year-old Twilight actress hopped into a big SUV with a camera fixed in place on the dash with her friend and personal assistant Suzie Rimer sitting in the drivers seat.

Editors note: For those of you who have yet to see a 'Carversation', it's basically aims to film the chatter had by two travellers as they embark on a car journey. Check out Kristen's very own 'Carversation' in full below to get the just. 

Right, now that we're all on the same page, the video sees the usually very quiet Kristen Stewart get grilled by her friend as they head off to an unknown destination and even though they're personal friends, the exchange itself is still hella' awkward. 

Kicking the convo off, Kristen says: 'What's up? There's a light on in here, I got a dress on... we are doing a carversation; talk about drawing f**king attention to yourself.' Steady on, K-Stew — it's only a bit of fun...

After revealing that the pair are on route to the screening of her new film Sils Maria, Kristen goes on to disclose that she prefers Coke to Pepsi and Pho to Chinese. However, things get heavy when Suzie asks; 'What would you do if you weren't acting?, to which Kristen responds: 'I'd probably be like catering'. Right, yeah. 

Wait, WHAT?

Catering? That seems a bit, you know, out of the blue right? However, Kristen gets even more specific on the type of cuisine she'd serve up once Suzie asks her what her fav snack is...

'I really like cheeseburgers. And hot Cheetos.' Ok, so next time we hang out, dinner is SO going to be at Kristen Stewart's house.

Her choice back-up career got us thinking; what would team InStyle do if we didn't have our current jobs? Err, pretty random stuff apparently...

Charlotte Moore, Editor — Ice-cream van proprietor
Emily Dean, Deputy Editor — Football manager
Hannah Vere, Creative Director — Antiques dealer/landscape gardener
Hannah Rochell, Fashion Features Editor — Ice-cream kiosk owner (Charlotte's got some competition on her hands)
Olivia Marks, Digital Content Editor — Book shop owner
Phoebe Sing, Senior Designer — Hairdresser
Maxine Eggenberger, Digital Fashion & Beauty Writer — Fortune-telling gypsy
Chloe Mac Donnell, Editorial Assistant — Professional beach bum
Rebecca Gillam, Online Assistant — Archaeologist
George Driver, Beauty Assistant — Patisserie chef

Maybe we'll just stick to the day jobs then... 

The big question is, what would YOU do? Let us know in the comments below