Kris Jenner's Thigh High Boots, Plus 5 Other Things Your Mum Should NEVER Wear

Kris Jenner's Thigh High Boots, Plus 5 Other Things Your Mum Should NEVER Wear

No matter how much you love your mum the truth is she probably has something lurking in that wardrobe that will terrify you...

It’s the OMG MOM moment every teenager dreads. So put yourself briefly in the shoes of poor old 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, stepping out for a low key evening (well this is LA, so for low key read a Calvin Klein launch at Chateau Marmont) looking, in fairness, quite the business. This my friends, is a lady who had put quite a lot of thought into her look. She’s thinking as she gives herself one last look into the mirror before she leaves the house; "ok so hot pants and bandeau top a cute little 90’s nod,  Balmain Aztec print jacket adding a touch of runway elegance there and I’ll top it all off with a nice, sleek, signature Kardashian blow dry."

And then? Along came mom. Yep, her formidable momager, 59-year-old Kris Jenner had decided to join her daughters on the night out clad in a Balmain bodycon dress, teamed with a pair of Givenchy over the knee peep toe dominatrix boots. Now don’t get us wrong, we love a bit of Givenchy. We’re all about wearing what you want at whatever age you want. But is it wrong that we thought – thank god that’s not our mum? Because no matter how hot your mum is, there are certain things you don’t want her to ever do – and wearing thigh high leather boots is probably one of them. So in deep sympathy for Kylie, here it is, the 5 things a mum should never be seen in. 

1. A tattoo of any sort. Sorry mum, we know we were young once, had it going on, drunk too much cider and made poor choices, but guess what I really don’t want to feature in my wedding photo? You, in a nice LK Bennett wrap dress, with a badly drawn panther slowly climbing up your chest. 

2. A baby pink t-shirt in size XS saying in glittery font,  ‘Forever Babe’. Or ‘Naughty But Nice’ or ‘Good Girls Don’t’. We think you look great mum, we really do. You’ve totally still got it. But if you ever wear a t-shirt like that in public? We’re communicating only via solicitors. 

3. Hair extensions.  Look, don’t get us wrong. We know these babies can be handy if you need a bit of an extra volume on a big night out. And they can work wonders on a wedding day if you need to plump up an updo. But mum, if you ever force us to say Paris Hilton called, she wants her hairdo back, you’re going to have a lot of leftover turkey this Christmas. 

4. A backwards baseball cap. Or, actually, you know what mum? Any sort of baseball cap. Look we know you saw it on Rihanna once and she looked, ‘all the rage’. And you thought it might be just the thing to team with your ‘trendy’ biker jacket. But when it comes to baseball caps we have four words – leave it to Bieber.  

5. Crop tops. It’s so great that you still go the gym – look at your abs! No one would ever know you were 58! But here’s the thing, when you turn up to lunch to meet the in laws, we really don’t want you looking like the X factor’s longest serving backing dancer. We adore you mum, but when in doubt, don’t get it out. 

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