23 Times Kourtney Was The Most Underappreciated Kardashian Sister

23 Times Kourtney Was The Most Underappreciated Kardashian Sister

Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t get near enough credit for her vicious sense of humour

Kourtney Kardashian, we love you, and we’re tired of you being so underrated. Sure, Kim might have the ass and Khloe might have the sass, but you have the driest sense of humour in the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan.

First off, she’s not afraid to call out her sisters on everything (from their outfits to Kim’s ugly crying face). Second, she knows her own worth – if you don’t love yourself, who will?! Thirdly, Kourtney is the master of throwing low-key shade at pretty much every life situation, including public transport. 

Need a reminder? Here are 23 times Kourtney Kardashian was our favourite Kardashian of all time.

1. When she verbalised the phone call feels we ALL get

2. In fact, just conversations in general

3. That time she was done with her sisters’ egos

4. Do NOT get on Kourtney’s nerves

5. You should be lucky she’s even with you

6. No friends? No problem

7. Synchronised crisp-in-bed eating? That’s REAL #relationshipgoals right there

8. Sometimes, you just don’t need words…

9. Public transport or food?

10. I mean, don’t try and hide it Kourt

11. Sisterly love

12. (She’s still not listening, by the way)

13. How to deal when your mum is doing a photoshoot in the pool?

14. Sometimes people need to be told

15. She’s always ready with an honest opinion

16. She loves Kim’s crying face almost as much as us

17. She knows her own worth

18. Positive vibes only

19. She owns her breasts


21. Her house, her rules

22. She’s not afraid to get slap happy

23. But she still knows how to have a good time


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