Klaire De Lys: Best Creative Make-Up Tutorials

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Looking for an everyday make-up tutorial? Klaire is most definitely not your girl - instead, think mythical creatures and evil Disney Princesses. See it for yourself below

Klaire de Lys

AWARD: Best Creative Make-Up Tutorials

Klaire doesn’t have that bouncy ‘Hi guys!’ demeanour that we’ve come to associate with YouTubers. As a teenager, she was so shy, she couldn’t look people in the eye. Her self-confidence has soared since then, but she still looks faintly alarmed by the army of studio assistants, make-up artists and stylists in attendance on today’s shoot. Softly spoken and pensive, Klaire’s beautiful poreless skin makes the perfect palette for the intricate face-art videos – where she transforms herself into everything from Elsa from Frozen to a zombie clown – that have made her famous. She describes her 700,000 followers as ‘artistically inclined’ and, despite the online fame, has a hard-and-fast rule about oversharing. ‘My personal life and my YouTube life never merge,’ she says. ‘If you don’t keep anything private, you’ll become an egomaniac!’

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Portrait by Rankin


AGE: 24


MYTHICAL MAKE-UP: Looking for an everyday make-up tutorial? Klaire de Lys is most definitely not the blogger for you. Instead, the trained artist and graphic designer is an expert in special effects make-up, and effortlessly turns herself into mythical creatures and Disney characters. From an evil clown to Frozen’s Elsa, Klaire’s blog will be your new favourite follow. DIY ram horns, anyone?

TRIPLE THREAT: Klaire might be most at home on her vlog (717k subscribers seem to agree), but she’s also a triple threat all rounder. Klaire is a freelance make-up artist, and believe it or not is also a bridal favourite – is there no beauty look this vlogger can’t turn her brushes to? Next up, Klaire and Twitter pal Sara Rose front their folk-pop band, Malumi. The story of these kindred spirits met is pretty incredible – both were Tweeting about a boozy passenger on their train, before turning to face each other and realising they were next to each other all along. Klaire has always loved singing, actually starting out on YouTube with a music channel at 17 before discovering her love of make-up. With one EP down and another on the way, Klaire must be pretty busy right about now.

BOOKWORM: Oh wait, she’s also a huge young adult author, penning the first two of four novels making up the Outsider series. The fantasy novel follows the same mythical trail as her make-up tutorials, focusing on half-dwarf Astrid who is recruited to help young dwarf Jarl and his adopted son Knud across a dangerous mystical world. 

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