Kit Harington Doesn't Want You To Talk About His Looks

Kit Harington Doesn't Want You To Talk About His Looks

The Game of Thrones star says being called a hunk is 'demeaning'...

Kit Harington has undoubtedly garnered a fair few female fans over the past couple of years, thanks in no small part to his character Jon Snow in the phenomenally successful TV series, Game of Thrones. But if there's one thing he doesn't want to be praised for, it's his looks.

Even after being cast as the face of Jimmy Choo Man, the 28-year-old has said that being called a 'hunk' is 'demeaning.'

'To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning,' Harington told Page Six yesterday.

'It really is and it’s in the same way as it is for women. When an actor is seen only for her physical beauty, it can be quite offensive.'

Now, we're big fans of the show, and we certainly think Kit has a lot more to offer than a pair of piercing eyes, strong jaw and good beard (although we're not exactly saying they're a hindrance to his character. The same goes for those abs). But we do totally see Kit's point.

And in the interest of equality, we should learn to pay less attention to his face (and those abs, don't forget the abs), and more on his acting talents.

'It’s not just men that can be inappropriate sexually; women can be as well,' Kit continued. 'I’m in a successful TV show in a kind of leading man way and it can sometimes feel like your art is being put to one side for your sex appeal. And I don’t like that.'

'In this position you get asked a lot, ‘Do you like being a heartthrob? Do you like being a hunk?’ Well, my answer is, ‘That’s not what I got into it for.'

You've heard him ladies...

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