It's Official: Kim Sears Is Not Called Kim Sears Anymore...

It's Official: Kim Sears Is Not Called Kim Sears Anymore...

Say goodbye to Kim Sears and hello to Kim Murray! The doting wife of Brit tennis ace Andy Murray has made her Wimbledon 2015 debut with her new name in tow

Wimbledon mania descended on Britain earlier this week when the first matches of the tournament kicked off on Monday, and we've already been treated to a host of amazing celebrity spots. From Laura Whitmore to Luke Evans, the stars have been lapping up the sunshine and the courtside action since the first serve, and now that British tennis ace Andy Murray has played (and won) his first match, the excitement is only going to get more intense as the tournament goes on. 

If you thought it was nail-biting watching the games from the comfort of your own sofa whilst guzzling on Pimm's and strawberries, you might want to spare a thought for poor Kim Sears, who has taken up her duties once again as her husband Andy's chief groupie and courtside supporter, which she'll see through until he concludes the tournament. 

However, for her first outing at Wimbledon, it wasn't her amazing high street outfit that got everyone talking. At least, it's not the only thing that got everyone talking... 

While the pair tied the knot back in April in Andy's hometown of Dunblane, Scotland, it has only now been confirmed that Kim Sears is not called Kim Sears anymore. Yep, she's officially taken Andy's last name, with her VIP passes all stating that she is now Mrs Kim Murray. How sweet is that? 

Obviously, it's not exactly a surprise that she's taken his last name — women HAVE been doing it for years, after all — but after becoming a bit of a celebrity in her own right, we did wonder if she would follow tradition and change her surname. 

However, it looks like Kim's choice to take her husband's name is an option many women are now vetoing, deciding to keep their own last name after they're wed. Of course, it's all down to personal preference and no woman should feel obligated to do either, but it's interesting to see how this growing trend in newlywed couples has divided opinion. 

Our features writer Lucy Pavia investigates the idea of your boyfriend taking YOUR last name when you get married, and questions why it's still such an opining-dividing subject. Read what she has to say here and let us know what you think by tweeting us at @InStyle_UK

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