Kim Kardashian's Old Myspace Account Has Been Found – And It's Everything

Kim Kardashian's Old Myspace Account Has Been Found – And It's Everything

Kim Kardashian, or Princess Kimberley as she called herself back then, had a pre-tty special Myspace account. Didn't we all...

It's hard to imagine a time when Kim Kardashian didn't have a combined social media following larger than the population of Germany, but back in 2006 – and to the days of Myspace – Kim could only muster a very humble 836 'friends'.

How do we know? Because somebody (at Us Weekly), has unearthed Kim's now defunct Myspace account, and boy, does it hold some gems.

All written in pink, the reality TV star, who back then was better known as the BFF of Paris Hilton and not yet the mega star she is today, apparently went by the name of Princess Kimberley. And in the space for a quote, Kim wrote: "I'm a PRINCESS and you're not so there!". (It's probably worth bearing in mind at this point that Kim was 25-years-old in 2006, and not, in fact, 14.)

The mother-of-one, who is currently pregnant with her second child, kept the About Me section pretty minimal, save for the revelation that the person she'd most like to meet is "God". Sure.

At the time, Kim was dating singer Ray J, who appears in Kim's 'Top Friends" alongside some other familiar names including her siblings Kourteney, Ron and Brody Jenner.

Under her Interests, Princess Kimberley simply states that her hero is her "daddy."

It's certainly a far cry from the selflies – and belfies – that populate Kim's Instagram now. But if Kim's Myspace account proves anything, it's that the Internet never (ever) forgets. So if you haven't already, it might be time to revisit your (and that Bebo account while you're at it), and just check there's nothing incriminating left on there...





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