Kim Kardashian has gone BLONDE.

We knew it! She may have tried to hide it earlier on in the day with that massive beanie but nothing was getting past us. 

After arriving in Paris just in time for Fashion Week, we were super-surprised to see Kim Kardashian dressed in top-to-toe black with a large hat covering every inch of her hair. Suspicious? Definitely. But when we saw a glimpse at what appeared to be lighter hair peeking out from underneath her head-gear, we knew something was up...

Knowing that she was due to take up her place FROW-side at Balmain's PFW show today, it was only a matter of time before we'd catch of glimpse of her sans beanie. 

Since then, we've been waiting with baited breath for her to emerge from her hotel to reveal exactly what was going on under there and, needless to say, we were proved correct.

Kim exited her temporary abode in the centre of Paris with her hubby Kanye West on her arm with PEROXIDE BLONDE HAIR.

That's right, Kim's back as a blonde but we never expected her to take her dye-job to these very extreme lengths. Rocking another all black ensemble, Kim made sure all of the focus was on her new 'do as she strutted her way towards her waiting car. 

Styled with mousse and scraped back from her face, Kim's hair is striking in every which way possible. 

Continued below...

If that's not a transformation, we don't know what is! Kudos on the bravery, Kimmy...