Kim Kardashian Wears A Hoody... And 4 Other Celebs Who Shocked Us When They Wore Tracksuits

Kim Kardashian Wears A Hoody... And 4 Other Celebs Who Shocked Us When They Wore Tracksuits

We're used to Cara, Rita and Rihanna in hoodies, but there are some people who will just never be able to carry off tracksuit tops...

Kim Kardashian in a hoody? It's a rare sight to say the least. Unless the 34-year-old's spotted straight after a session in the gym, Kim's usually dressed in her finest no matter what she's doing.

But comfort was clearly trumping over style yesterday, as the mother-of-one boarded a plane with husband Kanye for the umpteenth time this year dressed in a black hoody and jeans. She even slipped off those black suede stiletto ankle boots before taking her seat, walking onto the plane barefoot.

Of course, Kim wasn't prepared to forgo her fashion credentials completely, and  made sure that if she was going to be photographed in a hoody, that it would be a one worthy of her fashion-forward wardrobe. Hence the super-long sleeves that will no doubt find their way into her airline tea. Made for working out this hoody was not.

While Kim might not be seen in a tracksuit top very often, style icons such as Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora and Rihanna have made the hoody their wardrobe staple, and have enabled its transition from gym wear to bona fide fashion statement. So while we've accepted the hoody into the 21st century woman's wardrobe, there are are some people who we'll never get used to seeing in sportswear...

The Queen
Seeing HRH behind the wheel of her Range Rover wearing what appeared to be a hooded top on her way back from a grouse shoot, pretty much blew our minds when this video surfaced in 2012.


Kate Middleton
Keeping in the royal vein, the Internet went into meltdown when the Duchess of Cambridge opted to wear a navy hoody on a visit to a school at the end of last year. She didn't look nearly as cool as her granny-in-law though.


Kate Moss
OK, we know she's dressed as Cara Delevinge here (and doing a good job of it too), but it just highlights how little we see Kate in true dressed down mode. Yes, we see her in battered leather jackets and oversized jumpers, but never a tracksuit. Never.


Lupita Nyong'o
There's no doubting that Lupita can carry off this casual look, and sometimes pretty dresses just aren't practical, but given how great she looks in couture on the red carpet this just feels a bit wrong.


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