Kim Kardashian live streamed a tour of her wardrobe

Kim K living out of a garage?! We never thought we'd see the day

Kim Kardashian-West might have one of the most enviable wardrobes in fashion, but when it comes to where she keeps all that one-of-a-kind Balmain, we’re pretty shocked.

If you were picturing a walk-in wardrobe with rails of sequinned evening gowns and vintage Chanel handbags, think again – Kim keeps all of her clothes in her mum’s garage.

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Kim, with some help from an assistant named Michael, gave fans a live tour of her makeshift wardrobe on her website,, saying “I have my tiny little closet in my mom’s garage because I’m living with her, so I just have all my stuff in here so that I’m not overwhelming her”.

Tiny?! Kim, that “tiny closet” is about five times as big as ours – and did we mention that’s just the stuff that fits her when she’s pregnant, too? No wonder she’s been up since 2am organising her stash.


The rails are packed with post-makeover neutral shades, so we can expect to see a lot of camel, blush pink and black over the next few months.

We spy a lot of draped coats and thigh high boots, with five whole shelves filled with ankle boots.

Kim even pulls out that Givenchy dress (gloves not present), which she wore as her Halloween costume this year after before it heads back into Kim’s fashion archive (you can see more celebrity halloween costumes right here). Fair play, Kim.


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One of the perks of being married to Kanye West? There are nearly 100 boxes of brand new Yeezy Boosts piled up in the garage, for “all different people”.

Helpful Michael ripped off the lids to show live-stream viewers all the different colours. If you’re still doubting Kanye’s designer potential, Kim wants to ask you one question: “Didn’t Apple start out of a garage?