Kim Kardashian To Appear On Big Brother… Say What?!

Kim Kardashian To Appear On Big Brother… Say What?!

It looks like Kim Kardashian is set to take her reality TV game up a notch (if that's even possible)…

Kim Kardashian is grabbing the headlines once again after the news broke that the 34-year-old reality TV star has officially confirmed that she is set to appear on a Big Brother-type television programme. Yes, way…

Sure, we wondered if this was just another product of the rumour-mill but after further digging we’ve found the news was broken courtesy of the starlet herself. In a personal statement, Kim revealed: 'Namaste India… Main Kim Kardashian aa rahi hoon India, Bigg Boss ke ghar mein’, which roughly translates as ‘Hello India, I am Kim Kardashian and I am coming to the Bigg Boss house’.

That’s right, ladies and gents; it looks like Kim has now set her global-domination sights on India.

It has been reported that the most famous member of the Kardashian Klan will join the remaining 12 participants on the programme — known as Bigg Boss — in Mumbai as soon as Saturday (yep, THIS SATURDAY), although it has not been confirmed how many nights she will spend under the recorded house arrest.

Sadly, it looks like Kim’s foray into the next-level reality TV show will be a solo mission; her rapper hubby Kanye West and daughter North will be holding up the fort back in the US while she travels across the globe for her new role.

She’s not the first celeb to take a turn in the Bigg Boss house, either; Pamela Anderson and the late Jade Goody also made ‘guest’ appearances in the house, which proves popular with the VERY large viewing demographic each year. However, Kim will no doubt be the programme’s most high-profile star to date.

It might seem like a strange move for the mother-of-one to make but as a keen businesswoman, we’re sure Kimmy has looked at this decision from every angle possible.

Kim Kardashian Takes Bollywood? You heard it here, first…

By Maxine Eggenberger

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