Kim Kardashian Takes Our Style Q&A

Kim Kardashian Takes Our Style Q&A

We spoke to Kim Kardashian about her fake tan obsessions, North West’s style and just how long it actually takes to get ready in the morning…

How many outfit options do you consider before getting dressed each day?
‘I actually plan it out. I prep options on a rack and I’ll do a fitting and usually end up keeping all the options. It just helps me to be more decisive on the day.’

Do you feel under pressure to always get dressed up?
‘I just like to do it for myself. It’s all so that I feel good about myself. And of course I do know that there’ll be pictures, otherwise I guess I would wear sweats sometimes.’

What do you enjoy about designing the Kardashian Kollection range?
‘It’s really cool to see how the line has evolved – now that we’re comfortable with who our audience is we’ve really started to get an instinct for things they’ll love.’

Have you ever worn something and regretted it later?
‘Oh my god I look at things the next day and think ‘urgh why did I wear this!’ All the time. Gosh there was this yellow suede jacket that I wore in Miami that was just not flattering at all…’

What was your teenage style like?
‘I love looking back at old pictures but I’m still confused as to why I would wear some of the things I did. I was so trendy and I would just tell my younger self to calm down and not be so trendy. Classic is best.’

How would you describe North’s style?
‘I love North’s style. She’s definitely not like your typical girly girl with bows and frills. She will wear cute dresses like here and there but she has really cool, simple style. ’

What goes into your daily glam process?
‘There are so many steps when I get ready. I’m crazy on moisturiser and I’m obsessed with tanner. My face just does not tan so I have to use self-tanner every three days. I used to get spray tans all the time but now I like doing it myself. Just little parts at a time though I can’t do my whole body at once.’

What’s the best fashion party you’ve ever been to?
‘The MET ball. We spend about three hours on glam for that, just because we want to eat and take our time. With the dress you have to just go with one designer and have them design something specifically for you. It’s the only way you’re going to take away that stress on the day.’

Who is your most fashionable friend?
‘I would say Carine Roitfeld. She is my style icon. She’s so cool.’

Has becoming a mum made you a more confident dresser?
‘Yeah I think it has. You just don’t have time to care so much. You’re like ‘I’m gonna wear this, I feel good in it and let’s go.’ There’s no time to second guess yourself.’

Do you get nervous before red carpets anymore?
‘Only if the dress is a tough one. If it’s something quite revealing then you just wanna make sure everything looks perfect. On those occasions you just need to get through the red carpet as quickly as possible and then you pray until you see the pictures.’

Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy is available to buy online from Wednesday 29th October.

By Caroline Leaper

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