Doug The Pug recreated some of Kim's sexy selfies for Mashable

We can hardly tell the difference...

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram game is always strong. Whether the attention is on her contouring, peroxide locks or her famous derriere, those selfies are worth a million dollars -  literally, Kim turned them into a book, aptly named Selfish.

With pictures like that, and one of the most liked Instapics of all time before sister Kendall Jenner stole the record, it’s no wonder Kardashi-fans are desperate to steal some tips and recreate Kim’s sexy selfies for their own feeds. But one copycat (or should that be copy-dog) has taken things to another level.

Doug tries out the side-angle, complete with diamond hoops

Meet Doug The Pug, the Instafamous pug who likes to recreate celebrity styles for his thousands of followers; 362k to be exact. Yep, this pug has more followers than you, but do you really thing your feed can compete with THIS?!

Doug has turned his paws to recreating some of Kim’s most famous selfies for Mashable, including the cover of Selfish. Now that’s one sexy beast. Doug has the pout down, sticking out a cheeky tongue when the photo calls for it. There’s even a scantily clad shot of that famous behind in black lingerie – now there are some things that should be saved for husband Kanye West!

Kim in her bikini, Doug in his thong. The likeness is uncanny

Doug goes all out with the accessories, styling his wig exactly like Kim, sporting some blingy hoops (he doesn’t actually wear them fyi, no animals were harmed in the making of these selfies!) and baring his tangerine boobs in a hot pink bra for all his followers to see. Doug, are you TRYING to break the internet?!

Doug can even compete with Kim's lady lumps

Kim isn’t the only person that Doug has raided his wardrobe for. He’s been Harry Potter, a Minion, a dinosaur in Jurassic World, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and a rap superstar, as well as day to day casual looks. Our favourite? Doug transformed himself into everyone’s most used emoji, the smiling poo. The fun on this feed is endless, so follow Doug here and who knows, you might even get some outfit inspiration.

No matter the pose, Doug's got it covered.

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