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The dress Kim Kardashian wore to last year's Met ball


If there's one thing we wished our mothers had done, it's keep all the clothes from their youth. Now that the 70s revival is in full swing, how cool would it have been if your mum had actually kept her favourite flares, or that Ossie Clark dress we've seen her wear in numerous, faded photos, so that you too could have the real thing? But, alas, they are long gone.

North West however is one daughter who will not be left rooting around in her mother's wardrobe hoping to uncover a vintage piece, thanks to the fact Kim Kardashian has declared that she is saving all (yes ALL) of her outfits for her.

Asked if there were any items from her wardrobe in particular that she was saving for her one-year-old daughter, Kim answered: 'Every last piece.'

'Everything. I have a full archive,' she continued. 'The dress that I wore on the cover of Vogue will be hers. All of my Met Gala dresses.' And yes, Kim's Givenchy wedding dress will belong to North, too.

But Kim's not just letting her now disused outfits sit in her wardrobe getting moth-eaten, or chucking them into cardboard boxes for the attic (as if she would). Oh no. Mrs Kardashian West is carefully packing them all into individual plastic bags so that they will be well-preserved for when North wants to wear them.

'I keep everything and put it in these clear plastic bags altogether with the shoes -- the whole look of what I wore,' she told the Huffington Post.

Being just one year of age, North has a fair few years before she'll want to explore her mother's archive. Meanwhile, she seems perfectly happy in the simple christening gown she wore to be baptised in yesterday.

North West and Kanye West

Kim and Kanye arranged for their daughter to be baptised in the Armenian St. James Cathedral in Jersualem. Kim wore a modest  long sleeved, floor-length dress and flat sandals for the occasion, while Kanye matched North's dress with his own spotlessly white T-shirt and trousers. Another one to add to the archive…

Kim Kardashian