Kim Kardashian On Diamond Earrings, Sex In The Cinema And Going Commando

Kim Kardashian On Diamond Earrings, Sex In The Cinema And Going Commando

Kim Kardashian-West just shared more than we ever thought possible, even after THAT naked selfie

Kim Kardashian is pretty open about all aspects of her life (and body), but in a live stream on her app last night, Kimmy went further than any of us could have imagined. She might not be on Khloe Kardashian’s level TMI just yet, but Kim did spill everything from the most public place she’s ever had sex to the reason behind that diamond earring freak out. 

Let’s get #DownInTheDM…

1. If Kim could be anyone else for a day, she would choose Jesus because she wants ‘to see what's going on in the world’.

2. Does she have plans for more kids? Not really, because it’s so stressful.

3. What does Kim order on her daily Starbucks run? A ‘coffee bean soy blueberry pomegranate latte’. Umm…

4. Kim confirmed that, she is ‘definitely’ a member of the mile-high club, but she kept it classy – ‘I don't think it was like a public plane or commercial flight’.

5. Kim thinks that Keeping Up With The Kardashians needs to ‘get back to crazy’. When she watches old episodes, she doesn’t regret how things are portrayed.

6. Kim’s alarm goes off at 6am everyday.

7. Remember that time Kim was having sex with Kanye ‘like, 500 times a day’? Yeah, well, her housekeeper walked in on them… 

8. Remember when Kim lost her diamond earrings in the ocean?! Turns out it was Kylie who found them. Kim told viewers on her live stream that the (uninsured) earrings cost more than her Rolls Royce: ‘I got them two days before that trip. Hundreds of thousands of dollars going down into the ocean. So I cried because that is such hard work that went into them. I felt like it would have been bratty if I didn’t cry and was like 'Oh no big deal’’. 

9. Kim unsurprisingly revealed that she rarely wears underwear, and prefers to go commando. Not a shock considering those nearly-naked outfits...

10. Kim’s favourite foods are beignets from Café Du Monde and churros from Disneyland or Magic Mountain.

11. If she could be an animal, Kim would be a koala bear.

12. As well as joining the mile high club, Kim also admitted she’s had sex in a public cinema – really, Kim?!

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