Kim Kardashian May Be Obsessed With Spanx But You *Definitely* Shouldn't Be

Kim Kardashian May Be Obsessed With Spanx But You *Definitely* Shouldn't Be

Kim Kardashian may sing the praises of her trusty Spanx but is wearing them day in, day out really a good idea?

Kim Kardashian has been very vocal about her struggles to lose her baby weight since giving birth to her one and only daughter North West but her latest admission has to be her most honest yet. 

While we'd kill to have curves half as sexy as hers, it turns out 34-year-old Kimmy isn't as confident with her figure as her endless array of body-con frocks might have you believe. Chatting to journos at the press conference for the Kim Kardashian for C&A collection in Brazil, she Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet talked candidly about what she does to keep looking trim. And chases are you've done it before as well... 

Echoing what she said on the most recent teaser trailer for the new season of KUWTK, Kim said: 'I'm like, "No, I'm legit 20 pounds heavier." I'm so insecure lately. Seriously, just with my weight. I cannot leave the house without Spanx.'

While we've indulged in a spot of Spanx action for the odd turn as a bridesmaid and the such like, wearing a pair of super-tight control pants on a daily basis can't be good for you, right? RIGHT. 

As a personal BFF of the A-list, you'd be forgiven for thinking there's nothing wrong with rocking a pair of Spanx every now and then, so long as it's just that; only once in a while. 

You don't need to stretch your imagination too far to realise that Spanx — if worn for prolonged periods of time — just ain't good for you. In fact, what they CAN do to you is pretty grisly indeed: 

  • They can crush the stomach, intestines and colon causing heartburn
  • Extensive use can prevent the digestive system working properly causing stomach pain, bloating, flatulence and even periods of incontinence. Eww
  • Numbness and pain in the legs is a side effect you'll suffer if they're too tight as well as poor circulation, blood clots, varicose veins and swollen ankles
  • And, on another squeal-worthy note, they can trap moisture against the skin causing infections

Now, don't get us wrong — we're not encouraging to set your Spanx aflame in a bid to rid them from your underwear drawer. As long as you make sure to only wear them on rare occasions, you'll be fine. 

Kim's Spanx reveal came just as photos of her posing completely starkers in the desert emerged...

Kim, we definitely reckon you need to rethink this strategy for the following reasons; 1) You could get hurt, and 2) because you REALLY don't need them in the first place, as the snap above proves! That hourglass figure of yours is hot enough as it is, and Kanye West seems to agree...

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