Kim Kardashian Isn't The Queen Of Selfies You Thought She Was

Kim Kardashian Isn't The Queen Of Selfies You Thought She Was

What's this? Someone has stolen Kim Kardashian's selfie-taking crown? You'd have to be one helluva strong, ripped and unafraid person to do that...

Kim Kardashian's love of selfies and sharing them with her 66 MILLION-strong Twitter and Instagram followers is well documented, and has proved so lucrative that she's managed to pen an entire book dedicated to her fav snaps of all time. 

From lying bikini-clad by the side of an infinity pool to sharing her make-up tips from behind-the-scenes on high profile photo shoots, she just can't get enough of posting photos of herself onto her social media platforms. However, it looks like another A-lister has set their sights on taking Kimmy's selfie-taking crown for themselves, and has even gone as far to break world records in an attempt to do so.

Who would be brave enough to do such a thing, you ask? Of course it would need to be someone brave beyond belief and strong enough to fend the feisty Keeping Up With The Kardashians star off once she inevitably hears of this news. And we reckon this star could just about do it... 

In a turn for the books, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson can now officially be crowned the King of the selfie after breaking the Guiness World Record for the most selfies taken in just three minutes earlier this week. We bet Kimmy is kicking herself for not coming up with this one!

The amazing feat took place at the London premiere of The Rock's latest film San Andreas and saw the actor pose for a whopping 105 selfies with fans in the carefully timed 180 second period. To be fair, Kim's probably beaten that figure with her outtakes. The only difference is that it's never been done in front of an official invigilator. 

Don't worry Kim, this is just a bump in the road to your inevitable selfie dictatorship. We're sure you can make up for it with today's uploads... 

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