Kim Kardashian's Kimojis Literally Broke The App Store (Sorry, But It's True)

Kim Kardashian's Kimojis Literally Broke The App Store (Sorry, But It's True)

Kim Kardashian has taken her selfie game to the next level with Kimoji – including that white swimsuit…

Kim Kardashian-West has just handed over the gift you never knew you wanted this Christmas. That’s right, Kimoji is here, and now we think about it, what took her so long?!

Kimoji is pretty much what you’d expect from the name – a whole range of emojis related to Kim K-W for every occasion. We’re talking that famous derriere, the white swimsuit selfie, a contouring tutorial face and even Crying Kim (our favourite of all the Kims, with I’ve-lost-my-diamond-earring-in-the-ocean Kim coming in a close second).

We're not surprised that the app turned out to be hugely popular, with Kardashifans literally breaking the internet (or the app store, at least) to try and get their hands on a Yeezus jacket emoji. It hit the top of the App Store download charts in a single day. 

There is a pregnant Kim emoji, but no sign of Kanye, North or Saint West. Considering Kim announced the birth of her son Saint (apparently pronounced like Yves SAINT Laurent) with an emoji family Instapic, we don’t think they’ll be too far behind. Ballerina North emoji NEEDS to happen for days when you’re feeling #fierce (here are 18 times North West was just the sassiest), and smiling Kanye for a smug response.  

This isn’t the first time Kim has turned tech, either…

1. The App. It all started with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the game that made $1.6million in the first five days after release. Not bad, Kim, not bad. Kim is continually adding her friends and family into the game, and has spoken at tech events about how she helped to develop it.

2. The Website. Then came the Kardashian websites – the free-to-download (but pay-to-see-content) apps where Kim, Khloe, Kylie and the rest of the Kardash crew share make-up tutorials, home tours and fitness regimes. Addictive (and clever).

3. The Producer. Kim also produced a documentary, #RedFlag, which takes a look at social media and mental health. Inspired by her experience online, Kim said about the doc “You can feel people’s pain through social media, and it can be scary sometimes. We want people to get the health they deserve, and I want to also educate people on meantal health”.

Would you download Kimoji for £1.49? We can’t wait for #CryingKimMondays…

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