Kim Kardashian Banned Selfies From The Launch Of Her Selfie Book. Yes, Really...

Kim Kardashian Banned Selfies From The Launch Of Her Selfie Book. Yes, Really...

Last night saw the launch of Kim Kardashian's book, Selfish. But the reality TV star didn't want anyone getting out their smartphones...

Last night Kim Kardashian officially added the word 'author' to her CV, as her debut book Selfish – a collection of, you guessed it, selfies – hit the shelves of Barnes and Noble in New York. (That's if it's possible to be an author of a book of selfies).

Documenting over 10 years of Kim's life, the glossy, coffee table tome charts the reality TV star's rise to fame through the numerous, intimate photos of herself for which she has become so well known.

As well as the selfies that Kim has shared on her Instagram over the years, the same ones that have helped her reach the 31 million followers she has today, the book also contains some never-seen-before snaps that the mother-of-one has kept locked away until now.

And yesterday, the book was opened for the world to see at a book signing in New York. There was just one rule for the legion of fans that had camped for hours to get a copy from the lady herself: no selfies.

That's right, in a somewhat ironic move, the powers that be had decided to ban people from taking selfies at the launch of a, er, book of selfies. No, us neither.

Perhaps it had something to do with making sure that Kim didn't get swamped with fans holding their smartphones aloft in the hope she would pose with them as she signed their book. Or maybe Kim was following Anna Wintour's lead at the Met Gala on Monday night and just, well, banning them. But just like the A-listers on the Met Gala red carpet, there were some sneaky fans that didn't obey the rules and snapped some pictures of Mrs Kardashian West anyway. 

Either way, the book is here. And to mark its launch, here are some snaps that appear inside it that Kim shared on Instagram (before she imposed the selfie ban).

Do you guys remember this blue eyeshadow Emmy look from 2009? #SELFISH

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Goodnight! #PhotoBoothSelfie #SELFISH

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