Kim Kardashian And Alexa Chung Tell Us What Decadence Means To Them

Kim Kardashian And Alexa Chung Tell Us What Decadence Means To Them

Ah December, the month of decadence, a time to wear sequins with abandon and drink during the week. We asked our favourite celebrities and designers what the word decadence means to them.

We asked 13 celebrities the following question: what does decadence mean to you?

Here is what they said...

Alexa Chung

"Didn’t Kate Moss rent a room in Paris with Johnny Depp and have a bath filled with champagne or milk?! That’s pretty decadent. I’ve never done anything like that but maybe that’s what 2015 will be all about – having the most decadent experience of my life!"

Dita Von Teese

“When I’m doing a burlesque show and I fling off a Swarovski covered costume that costs a small fortune and throw it across the floor  - that always feels very decadent.”

Kate Upton

"Decadence is about having a fun evening - dinner with friends, getting all dressed up, being able to wear all your nice jewellery and having a really beautiful beauty look."

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Karl Lagerfeld

"I'm not crazy about the word decadence. I admire people who let themselves go, who are victims of decadence. I am not."

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Kim Kardashian

"Decadence to me is over-the-top, like the Palace of Versailles. I wore this one dress to my bachelorette dinner in Paris. It had tapestry on it and all this beautiful beading. It felt super luxurious and decadent to wear"

Dominic Cooper

"A lie in. What I'd do for a lie in! And if I'm able to read more than eight pages of a book without losing concentration, in a really nice environment, that's decadence for me."

Stephen Jones

“I may have a twisted view of life but for me decadence always seems normal”

Kate Hudson

"I would say decadence is in simple pleasures like food, but over the top food like oysters, caviar and champagne."

Henry Holland

"Decadence is a good night's sleep and not having to set the alarm."

Portia Freeman

"Decadence to me is having that time at home away from work when my partner Pete (Denton of The Kooks) has come off tour, I have finished a stretch of modelling and we have our son Dylan with us in a family cocoon in London. We can turn our phones off and just ‘be’."

Chelsea Leyland

“Decadence to me is a big slab of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine in bed.”

Jim Chapman

“Decadence for me means cookies. I’ve been on a real health kick recently and I haven’t eaten carbs for two weeks. I’m really craving sugar. I had a cookie on my cheat day and it was incredible. Now I just want cookies all the time.”

Bonnie Wright
“When I want to celebrate and feel decadent I always have lobster spaghetti. I go to my favourite restaurant in London, Cecconi’s, for their version, with a glass of red wine.”

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Compiled by George Driver, Chloe MacDonnell and Lucy Pavia

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