Khloe Kardashian Loves Seinfeld?! 6 Reasons Her Daily Routine Might Surprise You

Khloe Kardashian Loves Seinfeld?! 6 Reasons Her Daily Routine Might Surprise You

Khloe Kardashian just revealed some surprising things about how she spends her day, including her surprising favourite shows and why she can't take any more Kardashians.

Khloe Kardashian has been letting us into her life lately, opening up everything from her walk-in wardrobe to her diet and fitness routine. Now, she’s revealed her morning and nighttime routine to The Cut, and some of her day-to-day habits are pretty surprising. Seinfeld, anyone?! Let’s take a look at how similar our lives actually are…

1. She gets up at 5.30am – bit early, but kind of similar to us. If we were a celebrity, we’d take all the lie ins we could possible have (except for those international phootshoots and first-class flights, of course). Still, Khloe admits she does hit snooze a few times before finally dragging herself out of bed.

2. She then heads for an early morning workout - a litle bit similar, when we can be bothered. Khloe works on strengthening her legs and toning that famous derriere, and revealed that she worked for two and a half years to get that classic Kardashian bum, and doesn't stop exercising for Christmas. You can read how she did it here, as trainer Gunnar Peterson spills Khloe Kardashian’s workout routine. You can also check out what’s inside Khloe’s fridge.


3. She has daily hair and make-up – we wish, not so similar. Around 9 or 10am, Khloe sits down with her glam team to do the day’s hair and make-up look. No wonder she looks so flawless with a hair stylist and make-up artist on call – we have to make do with a wonky one-handed eyeliner on the bus to work.

4. No Kardashian day is ever the same – definitely not similar. After getting glammed up and deciding on her outfit, Khloe could be doing anything from photoshoots to filming, giving interviews or doing book signings for her new diet, fitness and lifestyle book, Strong Looks Better Naked. You can catch her Instagramming what she’s up to, usually with best friends Malika or supporting sister Kendall in her modeling career.

5. Her evening routine revolves around her laptop – 100% similar. While we might be hooked up to Netflix (Gossip Girl re-runs, yes please), Khloe spends her evenings editing Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but even Koko admits “sometimes I can’t handle any more Kardashians. I was filming all day; I can't watch my sisters anymore”. She also tunes into Seinfeld and Friends, which she says makes her happy (don’t we all?), as well as the Real Housewives: “But if the housewives are fighting too much, I want something that’s happy. So I’ll change it”.

6. She keeps hydrated – we try. Khloe used to drink half a litre of water before bedtime to keep hydrated, but the constant trips to the toilet do get a little annoying. Still, we’re happy to take that tip – water is always a good idea.

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