Who Was Kevin Spacey’s Hot Neighbour At The Emmys?

Who Was Kevin Spacey’s Hot Neighbour At The Emmys?

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Kevin Spacey probably never thought that the most talked-about moment of his 2016 Emmys appearance would be his date – or, rather, platonic seatmate. Yes, he was wearing a nice tuxedo. Yes, he was nominated for an award. Yes, he’s Kevin actual Spacey – but it was Kevin’s companion we couldn’t stop talking about throughout the show.

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Settling down to the ceremony on Sunday night, Kevin was up for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series for his role in House Of Cards. As the camera panned to see his reaction to losing out to Rami Malek for Mr. Robot, and throughout the awards, there was only one question on Twitter’s minds…

Who is that hot guy sitting next to Kevin Spacey?!


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Seriously. The hipster hat, the John Mayer hair, the wrist party going on under that tuxedo (we’d put money on there being a Coachella wristband in the mix)… who is this man and is he Kevin Spacey’s cool new beau?

Nobody was sure, but Twitter did their thing and offered up a prize of ‘a million points to the first social media sleuth to identify the young gentleman Kevin Spacey's with at the Emmys’.


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After a lot of stalking, social media came up with an answer. While there’s no official confirmation of Hipster Seatmate’s identity, we think it’s Evan Lowenstein, a former ‘90s pop star turned talent manager, who has reportedly been working for Spacey for a little while now. Did we mention he’s 42?


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Here’s hoping we get to see a lot more of Evan in the near future.

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