Think You've Got What It Takes? Kendall Jenner Launches Search For Next Top Model

Think You've Got What It Takes? Kendall Jenner Launches Search For Next Top Model

Fancy joining the likes of Kendall, Gigi and Karlie?

Kendall Jenner has launched a campaign to find the next top new-gen model

Working alongside LOVE magazine editor-in-chief Katie Grand, Kendall’s search for the next Gigi, Karlie (or indeed, Kendall) will look at potential ‘it’ models across all social media channels, with the prize being an exclusive cover shoot for the next bi-annual issue… shot by Kendall herself. Yes, really.

Kendall is no stranger to snapping cover shoots, having already making her photographic debut for LOVE 16 in which she styled and shot pal Kaia Gerber. Apparently, it was these efforts that persuaded Katie Grand to enlist Kendall’s help in finding the next supermodel.

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‘Basically, Katie Grand and I are looking for this generation's next icon—kind of like me but like a little less good,’ Kendall explained in a video posted by the fashion magazine.

So, how does one apply? It’s stipulated via LOVE’s site that anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 can enter, and that applicants need to send a picture of themselves along with a small bio via Twitter or Instagram.


Or, according to Kendall, you need to:

‘…go online and you post a picture of yourself with #LoveMe17 hashtag on it and you basically say what you do, what you like to do. You can literally be a flea wrangler or like you could catch lobsters and stuff. It doesn't matter. We just want to know you and I just want to know you!’


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The short-listed 20 finalists will then be flown to LA in November to be interviewed and captured in their very own Kendall-curated shoot.

Alternatively, applicants can email pictures and information directly to

Well, what are you waiting for guys? Best get snapping…


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