Kendall Jenner Kick-Starts The Triple Leather Trend. Would You Dare To Wear?

Kendall Jenner Kick-Starts The Triple Leather Trend. Would You Dare To Wear?
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Kendall Jenner looked amazing — and nothing like Neo from The Matrix — in her triple leather get-up. Here's why it works...

Oh, how we wish we could travel in such spectacular style as Kendall Jenner

After jetting across the pond to Paris just in time for the biggest Couture Fashion Week shows  — you can bet your designer bag on the fact she's in town to walk for Chanel today — you'd forgive her for rocking on up to her hotel after the long-haul flight looking tried and, for the lack of a better term, a little worse for wear. 

However, that was definitely NOT the case when we clocked the 20-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian's starlet-turned-model making her way across town to meet her mum, Kris Jenner.

Instead of sporting the classic legging and oversized jumper combo we champion whenever a 10-hour-flight is on the cards, Kendall looked the epitome of chic as she took to the streets in a very leather-heavy outfit. 

Making double leather look tame is no small feat but Kendall's triple leather combo did just that. 

Why does it work? Because she gave the tones of her leather a shake up. Instead of opting for top-to-toe black, Kendall's fresh white biker jacket gives her black leather trousers and chunky biker boots a way less harsh facade. Nice work, KJ. 

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Of course, Kendall made no haste it getting to the Chanel show today where she was barely recognisable to the crowd due her black netted veil. Just as well nothing gets past us, eh? 

Working a black organza blouse cropped to the waist, a midi skirt with ornate appliqued flowers and a pair of flat leather boots, Kendall's entire ensemble was our ultimate Chanel dream. 

Feel free to throw some of those gorgeous garbs our way, Karl... 

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