Kendall Jenner Has A Major Crop Off On The Cannes Red Carpet

Kendall Jenner Has A Major Crop Off On The Cannes Red Carpet

Kendall Jenner has arrived at Cannes and she's shaking up the red carpet with one of the most stand-out looks of the entire festival. A day in the life, then...

Kendall Jenner has officially arrived at Cannes Film Festival (better late than never, huh KJ?) and she's already having the best time EVER. 

From swanning around at glittering daytime events to kicking back on the beach, she's certainly making the most of her brief time on the sublime coastline in southern France. However, her trip was gearing up for her appearance on the red carpet at the premiere of Youth, where everyone was eager to see what she'd dare to wear. 

With a penchant for thigh-high splits and sparkly cocktail dresses, we thought we could just about guess what she'd wear. However, she totally managed to pull a fast one on us with her choice of outfit that showed off her killer bod in a whole new way. 

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Cloaking her infamous pins in a floor-length maxi skirt, the 19-year-old model flashed her super-toned abs instead with a coordination crop top that just covered her boobs and no more. With a tum like that, can you really blame her?

Kendall paired her Alaia top and skirt combo with more diamonds than a glass case at Tiffany's, sexy black strap sandals, a crimson pout and an effortless updo. Stunning does quite cut it... 

She may have been, for the most part, pretty covered up but Kendall clearly wasn't able to resist the temptation of showing off her infamous legs, as her latest Instagram posts prove. 

Letting her 26.4 million-strong following in on her luxe trip, Kendall made sure to keep them up-to-date with what she was up to in a lavish series of shots, kicking off with this gorgeous pic:

Princess K (that's the boats name) (really)

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Seriously, what is this girl's life?!

Captioning the shot, 'Princess K (that's the boats name) (really)', Kendall can be seen draping herself on the stern of a multi-million pound yacht with her voluminous skirt circling around her. What we wouldn't give to trade lives with her. Just for one day...

For her next photo she expertly worked her statement skirt in the sea breeze, showing off her enviable legs to perfection. WOWZA.

Alaia is even better in the wind

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Quipping, 'Alaia is even better in the wind', Kendall has provided us with endless gymspiration thanks to this outfit. We just wish we'd seen it before guzzling ourselves on pastries at our desks. Oh well — you win some, you lose some we guess...

It may have been Kendall Jenner's first time at Cannes Film Festival but judging by these snaps, we reckon it definitely won't be her last. Just be sure to invite us along for the ride next time, K? 

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