Kendall’s Guide To Wearing A Bra Like It’s No Big Deal

Kendall’s Guide To Wearing A Bra Like It’s No Big Deal

Only Kendall Jenner could wear a bra outdoors and make it look like a fashion statement and not like that nightmare where you forget to wear your trousers to school. Here's how to do it if you're not an A Lister with a stylist...

Firstly, our lives are in no way comparable to Kendall Jenner’s. We don’t get chauffeured around in tinted-window SUVs, we don’t walk fashion shows, we’re quite sure Justin Beiber never texted back and last time we checked a “sister” didn’t constitute a Glam Squad (damn it). 

Now we’re just about to wave off New York Fashion Week, we’ve almost had our monthly quota snaps of Kendall Jenner killing it with her model-off-duty looks (almost). Herein lies the beauty of Kendall Jenner. While she has access to one of the most coveted (caveat: expensive) wardrobes in the world, her style is actually highly, doable. No seriously. 
And one thing Kendall does better than anyone is the humble, and often overlooked, bralet. If the word “bralet” freaks you out because it’s only three letters away from “bra’” and… well, bra for god’s sakes – do not fret. Yes, it was only this week the supermodel casually wore her's with some hot pants and a tapestry jacket, and, well, not much else and pulled it off with Oscar-worthy aplomb, we’re not suggesting you arrive at work tomorrow in your undies.
There are plenty of ways to take inspiration from KJ and translate her first class bralet looks into every day life that won’t mean hushed sniggers at the pub. Here’s our guide, on how to wear a bra à la Kendall (with some minor adjustments)

#1:The black tie event bralet
Yes, there are many, many ways to wear a bra. So we'll start here, where the Kardashians feel most at home: on a red carpet, in front of the paparazzi. Ok, this is quite a sheer vest but it's case in point that a black bra under a (maybe a slightly less sheer, for us) blouse or shirt is classy as anything. Just keep things simple with a nice choker to draw eyes up, and keep it modern.

#2: The "yes it's raining, do I look like I care?" bralet. 

Yes, it's cold outside but NB here the clever layering of some plaid and a wool coat that says sensible, while the bralet underneath screams "fun". Not sure London's ready for it? Try a negligee or lacey cami layered under your favourite coat. You won't look back. 

#3: The sport-luxe bralet
Team your athleisure crop top with co-ordinating bottoms and throw on a mannish coat. You're now a fashion editor. 

#4: The underwear as outerwear bralet
This might be our favourite bralet look. Kendall had been wearing this bra solo - at Coachella the previous week - but we love it over this plain white t-shirt. Pair with mum jeans and a furry coat - FYI don't actually wear the coat. Drape only.

#5: The bralet and shorts combo
Lethal when unleashed. The Daisy Dukes and bralet combination is a tightrope of taste to traverse. Feeling less like getting your legs and top-half out (you shouldn’t but...)? No worries. Do the aforementioned bralet over a t-shirt with your cut-offs, or wear yours with high-waisted bleached jeans and invest in a carpet jacket anyway. Trust us. 

#6: The crushed velvet boudoir bralet.

See, you can get them in rib-covering legnths, too. We're digging the choker and dressing gown additions to this already sultry but sophisticated look

By Nellie Eden

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