Keira Knightley On Approaching 30: 'For An Actress, It's Like Turning 105!'

Keira Knightley On Approaching 30: 'For An Actress, It's Like Turning 105!'
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Keira Knightley opens up about reaching an important milestone, her major Twitter-hate and rather unhealthy obsession with The Great British Bake Off...

We always knew that Keira Knightley was down to earth but considering she's a major Hollywood star who is at the top of her acting career, you'd be forgiven for thinking that she's too busy attending swanky parties and glittering premieres to indulge in a bit of reality TV.

But, as it turns out, the 29-year-old actress is pretty well just like us; as this revealing interview proves. 

Wearing a printed pussy-bow dress and pink suede heels, the gorgeous Atonement (or Bend It Like Beckham, if you prefer...) starlet joined Jonathan Ross for a chat on his rather sizable mustard coach for his chat-show and, needless to say, we learnt a LOT about Keira in the process...

The second guest on the show, Keira took her place next to Jonathan's first guest, The Great British Bake Off's Paul Hollywood, who she was very excited to meet. 

Revealing just how huge a fan of the reality TV show she is, Keira let us in on the somewhat extreme measures she took to ensure she saw this season's final.

She giggled: 'I love it, I had The Imitation Game premiere in London on the night of the final of the Bake Off and there was a real moment where I was like "no, but no, you don't understand" and I did actually say to my agent "is it alright because I have seen the film twice before and I love the film but can I just walk the red carpet and just go back and watch it?" I did actually leave the party a bit early so I could watch it on iPlayer afterwards so that nobody would tell me what happened. [I didn't] want any spoilers and I turned off the radio on the way back so I didn't know [who won!]' 

We feel you, Keira. 

If that wasn't enough, the married actress' night was completely made when Paul got up and began to give her a shoulder rub after Jonathan had jibed that he gives 'a very good deep tissue massage.' Steady on, love. 

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Poking fun at his guest, Jonathan then went on to mention Keira's impending milestone birthday – she turns 30 next year – and quizzed her on how she felt about it. 

'I'm an actress so it's bad enough anyway but for an actress, it's like [turning] 105!'

She then went on to share: 'No I'm alright with it, I was alright with it until you said it like that! I think it's getting a bit worrying because really I think the scripts I'm getting sent, it's all like "kill your husband, kill yourself, kill everybody around you." What is this saying about me?'

Getting older is hard for most of us, let alone when you're surrounded by other actors only just in their teens. Keira, who has been working with fellow actress Chloë Grace Moretz (who is 17) on her upcoming flick Laggies, said of the experience: 'It made me feel really old because they're all on social media and I'm not and we'd have lots of [scenes] in cars where they'd be trying to explain to me what a Vine, do you know what a Vine is? Well I thought it was called 'viner' so obviously they thought I was like a horrendous nanny... So I did actually join Twitter for about 12 hours because I tried to be down with the kids and it just creeped me out. I didn't post anything and I was under a false name and I think because Chloë followed me, suddenly all these people started following me and posting "I'm having a cup of tea now" and I just got completely freaked out… I did the same thing with Facebook, I joined that for about an hour and that still tries to follow me.'

She may not be on Twitter right now, but we reckon that she could be swayed. In fact, she admitted she would only consider re-joining it after learning about Paul Hollywood's baking-tip tweets.

Paul said: 'A lot of people put pictures of bakes on [my Twitter] with their cakes gone wrong and something's sunk…. To which Keira squealed: 'Ok, I might try it again!' 

We don't know about you, but Keira's is an account we'd follow at the drop of a hat. Make it happen, Paul... 

Check the full interview with Keira Knightley on The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV at 10.15pm on Saturday 1st November. 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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