Katy Perry Is The Third Richest Entertainer In The World?! Her Net Worth Is Insane

Katy Perry Is The Third Richest Entertainer In The World?! Her Net Worth Is Insane

Katy Perry has global domination on her mind if THIS bank balance is anything to go by

Katy Perry might not have released an album since 2013’s Prism, but with 81 million singles sold since she made her (kinda controversial) debut in 2008, a hugely popular perfume line and 42 million followers on Instagram, that bank balance is fairly healthy, even without another world tour lined up.

We already knew Katy was worth big bucks, but Katy Perry’s net worth? Honestly, you better be sitting down for this figure…

Two places behind boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, K-Pez is actually the third richest entertainer in the entire world, worth a massive $135 MILLION in 2015. That’s $5 million more than all of One Direction combined, $55 million more expensive than Taylor Swift and more than double Lady Gaga’s net worth, and even leaves these Beyonce net worth figures in the dust. Still, she can't quite match Donald Trump's net worth...

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So how did Katy Perry rack up all that cash? Let’s break it down…

  • Katy has released 4 albums, with 11 million records sold worldwide
  • Those albums have given Katy 12 number one singles, with 81 million sales in total
  • Katy has launched 7 hugely popular perfumes, and is the face of Coty and Covergirl
  • Katy also has a range of jewellery and accessories with Claire’s Accessories
  • She’s undertaken 3 world tours, with Prismatic raking in $2 million over the course of 126 shows, selling $20 worth of merchandise per head. 
  • There’s also those 8 film appearances, including a documentary charting her California Dreams tour and the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brand
  • It might not have been the best game in the world, but that Katy Perry mobile game added a few digits to Katy Perry’s net worth

Katy has jumped up six places since she charted at #9 on the Forbes rich list in 2014, and the secret might be her global mega-stardom. According to Katy’s managers and Forbes, 60% of that net worth comes from foreign countries.

We wonder how her net worth will rocket if those Orlando Bloom rumours are confirmed?!

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