Katy Perry

Katy Perry got bored of her black hair


Katy Perry isn't one afraid to experiment with some pretty loud hair colour. Having spent years with glossy black hair, the singer's been trying out some new looks of late, most recently a green 'do that she described as the colour of snot. Charming.

But since the singer reverted to her black hair, it looks like she's already got bored again, and in a bid for hairspritation looked to an unlikely place: The Muppets. Specifically, Animal from The Muppets and his unkempt, red hair.

Katy unveiled her Muppets makeover on Instagram, with a snap of her new hair looking artfully dishevelled, alongside a picture of her puppet style icon, Animal.

Do you prefer Katy green or red? We're on team Muppet...

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By Olivia Marks