Kate Moss's 60th Anniversary Playboy Shoot: First Look

Kate Moss's 60th Anniversary Playboy Shoot: First Look

See the first photo of the British supermodel's mega sexy cover shoot for the men's magazine

Kate Moss has made her Playboy debut for the magazine's 60th anniversary issue - and boy, does she make one smokin' hot bunny girl.

In the first shot to be released from Marcus Pigott and Mert Atlas' much-anticipated cover shoot, set for a January 2014 release, Kate is seen stretched out along the floor throwing a feline glance to the lens dressed in one of the most iconic costumes of all time.

Wearing Playboy's infamous black bunny basque, a pair of oversized satin rabbit ears, matching white collar and cuffs and gravity-defying stilettos, Ms Moss' special birthday shoot to mark her 40th shows that Kate is still most definitely Britain's sexiest super.

Playboy’s editorial director, Jimmy Jellinek, told the LA Times of its smouldering cover star: ‘This is a massive global brand. You need a global icon in order to celebrate that — that was the impetus.'

'You’re talking about the face of Burberry, the biggest supermodel in the world on the cover of Playboy. She’s the perfect partner for us to help launch the next 60 years.It started with Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Playboy 60 years ago, an icon for her time. Now we've got Kate Moss!'

Best decision they ever made.

By Robyn Munson

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