Kate Moss Tells Us Her Holiday Rules (Starting With Wine On The Plane)

Kate Moss Tells Us Her Holiday Rules (Starting With Wine On The Plane)

Want to know how the world's biggest super gets some r'n'r? We grabbed an exclusive one-on-one with Kate Moss to find out.

Wine on the plane, Eres bikinis and husband Jamie looking hot with a tan. These are a few of Kate Moss's favourite things...

1) The no-frills pre-holiday mani
‘I always like a bit of dark red paint on my nails. If I’m not doing them myself I go to a nice little salon in Primrose Hill – it’s totally no-nonsense. I hate all 
that pampering business, I prefer hanging out with Lila to sitting through a long manicure!’

2) Two suitcases (minimum)
‘I don’t think I massively over-pack but I’m definitely not a one-case kind of girl. If the plane lost all my luggage and I was somewhere sunny like Ibiza 
I would just get a bikini, shorts, T-shirt and sandals. 
If it was somewhere colder like New York I’d go for jeans, jacket and a pair of Louboutins.’

3) My perfect travel companion
‘My daughter Lila. [The shoe designer] Stuart Weitzman does this cool thing with his kids, 
which I want to do with Lila. You pick a number at random out of a hat and then pick the corresponding number on the departure board. Then you just 
go wherever it says. Brilliant!’

4) If I have only five minutes to pack...
‘I’d throw in black jeans, grey jeans, some T-shirts, 
a jacket and flats – or a bikini if we’re going 
somewhere hot. I have a travel bag ready to go, 
with all my beauty essentials and passport.’

5) Relaxing on the plane
‘I love flying, I find it really relaxing – no phone, a movie, a glass of wine and some salad. Perfect! 
I always take a cashmere blanket with me and make sure I have family pictures in my passport holder.’

6) Getting out of the resort
‘Lots of people go on holiday and don’t even leave 
their hotel. I think you should experience the place you’re in. Make sure you have some cash on you, 
get out of the hotel and go to the nearest village. 
My idea of holiday hell is being stuck in a Caribbean island hotel in the rain!’

7) My bronzed husband
‘I love it when Jamie has a tan. He hates it because it isn’t very rock ’n’ roll; I think he just looks really hot!’

8) My best holiday ever
‘A safari I went on with my husband, daughter, 
[party planner] Fran Cutler, her partner and daughter. There were wild elephants by the pool and it 
was so incredible we were all crying when we left.’

9) My perfect bikini
‘I don’t really plan my holiday wardrobe. I’ve collected it over the years and have favourite pieces I always take, though I buy a new bikini every time. I find Eres ones fit really nicely, they’re well made and they aren’t really affected by sea salt or chlorine in the pool.’

10) No heels on the beach
‘In the evening I normally go for long dresses with flats. Heels don’t really work if you’re on an island. I prefer 
to keep my hair natural and just pull it up off my face. For make-up I’ll put on Rimmel mascara, a stronger lipstick and some St.Tropez Skin Illuminator for a subtle shimmer. You can get away with a late night when you have a tan so I’ll use St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower for a healthy glow, then before bed I’ll moisturise with Sanctuary Spa’s Wonder Oil Serum.'

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