Kate Moss sizzles in George Michael’s video White Light!

Kate Moss sizzles in George Michael’s video White Light!

George Michael has released his hot new single White Light and Kate Moss takes a starring role in the video!

George Michael’s comeback single White Light is officially out with a hot video to match. Kate Moss, who has starred in music videos of The White Stripes and Primal Scream, was approached by George after she admitted her disappointment at missing out on his iconic 1990 video Freedom.


White Light is inspired by George’s near-death experience when he was in hospital last year with pneumonia. The video tells the story of all the decisions that ultimately leads to George’s death. But, in a dramatic twist, Kate saves his life with the flip of a coin.

George couldn’t contain his excitement over her participation in the video, tweeting to fans, “The video you are waiting for is choc full of serious eye candy, and believe it or not, I’m not talking about me.”


Right you are, George! The 38-year-old model steals her scenes. Looking pure rock chick, she sizzles through the crowds in a hot fur coat and smoky eyes, tossing her windswept hair. We say it was worth the wait for this video.

By Chelsea Asher

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