Kate Moss Goes Back To Her Iconic '90s Roots

Kate Moss Goes Back To Her Iconic '90s Roots

A double-take was required to spot Kate Moss in this scantily clad line-up...

Everyone knows Kate Moss made her meteoric rise to fame back in the '90s where she basically defined the culture and style of the era with her grungy sense of fashion and  her uncontrived couldn't-care-less attitude. And it seems for her most recent shoot, she's gone back to what she knows best. 

Wearing nothing but a pair of light-wash jeans, a tomato-red pair of briefs and a glowing tan, it looks as if time has stood completely still for the mother-of-one in the group-shot that looks as if it could have frequented her casting book back in her heyday. 

The photograph, however, has just been released by US mag, W, who enlisted the talents of the 40-year-old super for their throwback-inspired November cover. Needless to say, the casting couldn't have been more on-point... 

Kate isn't the only noteworthy model to grace the issue, either. The ever-gorgeous Lara Stone also makes an appearance alongside her pal - not to mention the additional nine models - looking just as sexy in a double-denim jean and shirt combo. Jealous, us? Obviously...

With some of the models only half her age, Kate's starring role in the feature is proof that she's still more relevant than ever. Our love for Mossy, for one, will never fade.

All hail super-Kate!

By Maxine Eggenberger

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