Kate Moss Compares Herself To Kerry Katona And It Actually Makes Sense

Kate Moss Compares Herself To Kerry Katona And It Actually Makes Sense

Kate Moss might come from humble beginnings, but is she really just like Kerry Katona? Here are seven things we learned from Mossy’s ShowStudio interview

Kate Moss is famously elusive, refusing to spill much about her personal life, daughter or previous relationships. The media are hard pressed to get one-on-one time with the model unless she’s promoting her perfume lines, but on the rare occasions she does talk, it's priceless.

In an exclusive interview with Nick Knight’s ShowStudio, Mossy has revealed some surprising secrets about the life of an international model. When told that she is the biggest celebrity of modern media in terms of grabbing headlines or occupying column inches, the supermodel even compares herself to Kerry Katona or Katie Price; 'I don't go 'ooh I'm in the papers all the time', because there's loads of people in the papers all the time, and not for...', tactfully leaving the sentence unfinished. Let us introduce you to the real Kate Moss with seven other secrets we learned from her interview - don't forget to scroll down for the video.   

1. Kate has been put in some comprising positions. Speaking about the infamous Calvin Klein Obsession advert, showing 17-year-old Kate naked on a sofa and shot by her then-boyfriend Mario Sorrenti, Moss told ShowStudio founder Nick Knight that he was ‘obsessed’ with her, shooting her as soon as she woke up in the morning in a deserted beach-side house. ‘We split up after that’ Kate revealed, claiming Mario began to abuse their relationship for good photographs. 

2. She found it hard to adjust to fame. When Kate’s supermodel status started to skyrocket, brands began to send stretch limos to her New York apartment to chauffeur the burgeoning star to shoots with Steven Meisel. Her opinion? ‘That is so embarrassing, I’m not getting into a stretch limo to go to a shoot!’

3. Her friendship with Naomi Campbell started early on. When Kate was just starting out in the international scene, the original supers Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington took the young model under their wing. Kate told Nick ‘I didn’t feel so uncomfortable then, they all had their own stretch limos!’.

4. Kate misses Concorde. The dearly departed airliner was a perfect fit for Kate’s late-night partying, as she revealed in this candid interview; ‘Love the Concorde! I would stay up too late and I would be like ‘I don’t want to go tonight’, so I’d go in the morning and still get to work on time’.

5. She’s still not used to seeing herself on billboards. Kate says she still gets a little surprised to see herself on the cover of magazines and adverts. Even after all these years?! Yes, Kate tells us, ‘Still sometimes I’m like ooh there’s me!’.

6. She’ll always stay grounded. When Nick tells Kate she’s famous for being down  to earth, Kate thanks her Croydon upbringing; ‘You have to be a bit grounded about things like that, it’s not hard because I’m from Croydon. Somebody will knock you down if you get above your station’.    

7. She doesn’t care what the press write. Famously linked to rock’n’roll boyfriends and a party lifestyle, Kate is a favourite for paparazzi. But she doesn’t care what the press write; ‘When you know me, you go ‘oh please, as if she’d do that!’ The people that know me know what they write isn’t true’.

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