Kate Moss And Marc Jacobs Want You To Know That 'You're Basic'

Kate Moss And Marc Jacobs Want You To Know That 'You're Basic'

Kate Moss joined her designer BFF Marc Jacobs for a moment of leg flashing, insult chanting videoed gloriousness...

Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs have gone and done something that we'd NEVER thought we'd see. After years spent bashing social media in all it's forms, a few months ago the designer shocked us all and finally gave in and got himself an Instagram account to keep up with the times. 

We knew the chances of getting a sneak peek at his upcoming collections and selfies from his latest workout session we're pretty likely but never in our wildest fashion dreams did we imagine that he's post a VIDEO of this calibre. 

Teaming up with iconic model Kate, the fashionable power 'couple' took to the platform this weekend to share this beyond hilarious video of the two of them recreating one of the most iconic YouTube videos of the last few years — Lohanthony's infamous leg-twirling 'Basic Bitches' video, which went crazy viral back in 2012. And yep — they pretty well nail it.


This ones for you @lohanthony it was Kate's idea!

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True to the original that inspired it, the video kicks off with Marc chanting the words 'Calling all the basic b*tches...' while Kate whispers, 'I have an announcement...'. 

Finishing off the clip with Kate delivering the final blow; 'You're basic!'. Sure, we may have been insulted but it was rather brilliant wasn't it? 

And of course, the best part has to be *those* pins of hers! Twirling their legs in unison for the camera, Kate only just managed to keep her modesty thanks to a super-short LBD. Just as well really — it would have been a travesty if this 'vlog' was banned by the platform. 

And that got us thinking; what other stuff could Kate and Marc vlog about? They're living the high life after all, so they'd have plenty of antics to document. Here's what we'd like to see from the pair if they had their OWN YouTube channel. Because after Kate appeared on Goggle Box, anything's possible right? 

  • Endless ways to to style a skinny scarf with a leather jacket, with a guest appearance from Kate's hubby Jamie Hince
  • How to recreate the perfect '90s bed-head 'do
  • 7 designer workout secrets that'll give you an INSANE bod

Thanks to the power of Marc's personal Instagram account, these are entirely possible...

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