Kate Moss And David Walliams Spoof Rimmel Ad Is Hilarious

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David Walliams shows off his modelling credentials in a new advert for Comic Relief

Kate Moss and David Walliams have collaborated once again on a skit for Comic Relief – and this time it's not just Kate who's having the mickey taken out of her (remember her Vicky Pollard sketch?)

In this spoof Rimmel advert, Kate introduces a new lipstick for Red Nose Day, stating that her supermodel friends Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Cindy Crawford are all fans too.

Step forward said supermodel friends, or, rather David Walliams in drag. Yep, the comedian has indulged in his favourite pastime (dressing up in women's clothes in case you weren't sure) to play the part of all three supers, and we think he makes quite a convincing model. He's got the height at least.

Come to think of it, he's got Cara's wacky poses down pat too. Although we're not too sure about his Rosie impression, and last time we looked Cindy's mole wasn't quite so… large.

The lipstick is on sale for £5.49, with £1.67 from every one sold going to Comic Relief. Think your pout's as good as David's? Get involved and show it off with the hashtag #GetTheRedNoseLook...

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