KAte Moss with Lilah Grace

Kate Moss, Lila Grace and friend at the Paddington premiere


We always knew Kate Moss's daughter was going to have inherited her mother's model genes, but still we were taken aback at just how much Lila Grace looks like mum Kate Moss when we saw photos of the two posing together at the Paddington premiere yesterday.

Normally, we only catch a glimpse of Mossy and Jefferson Hack's 12 year-old daughter Lila Grace when the two are hopping out of the car on their way to Sunday lunch in the Cotswolds, but yesterday the mother and daughter duo stopped and posed for photographers as they made their red carpet debut together, allowing us to see exactly how similar they look to one another.

Lilah Grace and Kate Moss

Wearing a pair of high waisted check leggings, bomber jacket, wedge trainers and an all-important parker to shield her from the rain, Lila's clearly got the same good style taste as her mum. And with her dark blonde hair scraped back into a bun, Lila really is the spit of Kate back in her earliest days of modelling.

Obviously Lila's got a lot of time to think about whether or not she wants to follow in her mother's modelling footsteps, but if she does decide to go down the fashion route, we're sure she'll have no trouble landing a job...