Kate Middleton's Retail Effect Helps An Unlikely Royal Family Member

Kate Middleton's Retail Effect Helps An Unlikely Royal Family Member

The Duchess's popularity continues to boost business sales... this time, within Highgrove

Kate Middleton has helped increase the sales of Prince Charles's company by a huge £1 million, thanks to her continued influence over our consumer habits, proving once and for all that if Kate has it, we want it.

Normally, the 'Kate effect', as it has become known, is restricted to the fashion industry. The Duchess of Cambridge's favourite high street stores, such as Reiss and Zara, have benefited from Kate's popularity, as shoppers rush to buy the clothes they've seen the 32-year-old in. Similarly, the maternity-wear brand Seraphine recently reported a rise in profits thanks to Kate Middleton wearing a number of its dresses during her pregnancy.

But now it appears that the 'Kate effect'  has reached her father-in-law's, Prince Charles's company, too. Highgrove Shop, the store owned by Prince Charles, has seen its turnover increase by almost £1 million in the past year, and, apparently, it's all down to Kate and how she has increased our interest in the royal family.

Kate Middleton on the red carpet

The Telegraph reports that the company made a whopping £652,000 in profits in the year until the end of last March, compared with £608,000 in the previous 12 months. The store sells everything from commemorative china to organic baby toiletries, all with a royal feel to them. If you want to dress your baby like Prince George, head to Highgrove Shop.

Of course, all the profits from Prince Charles's business is put back into his charities. And this meant that the Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation received a massive £689,000 last year.

So it looks like our love of Kate's style has charitable benefits, too. It's a win win situation...

By Olivia Marks

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