Kate Middleton's pregnancy cravings revealed

Kate Middleton's pregnancy cravings revealed

The cuisine Kate Middleton has been craving during her pregnancy have been revealed by a family friend…

Pregnant Kate Middleton has stayed super trim during her pregnancy, but to keep her baby well nourished it's seems she's been experiencing the same classic cravings as most mothers.


While the Duchess of Cambridge visited her parents in Bucklebury over the weekend of her second wedding anniversary she indulged her fancy for a curry from a local takeaway.

Chan and Hash Shingadia, who attended Kate and William's wedding in 2011, are family friends of the Middleton's and cooked the dish for Kate.


Hash told press: “My wife made her curry a little while ago which she  enjoyed. I think she came in one day and my wife was cooking upstairs. She said it smelled lovely, so my wife gave her some to take away."

He continued: "“We cook for her mum and family. [Kate] likes my wife’s cooking. I’m vegetarian I only cook vegetarian curry.”

We're sure the meal went down a treat with Kate and her bump.

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