Kate Middleton's Downton Abbey Day Out: Here's What Happened

Kate Middleton's Downton Abbey Day Out: Here's What Happened

The Duchess of Cambridge made her way to Ealing Studios to pay the cast and crew of the hit TV series a visit

Downton Abbey today received their most VIP visitor of all (sorry George Clooney), the Duchess of Cambridge.

Wearing a chic white maternity coat by JoJo Maman bebe (which, by the way, is a bargain at £69), Kate Middleton made her way to Ealing Studios (where all the interior filming for the show is done), to have a tour of the set and meet the cast and crew. The expectant mother was greeted by the writer of the hit show, Julian Fellowes, before stepping onto the set to catch all the action.

And all the major characters were on hand to receive the Duchess, with Mrs Patmore and her ever-loyal assistant Daisy, baking a chocolate cake to commemorate the occasion, while Molesey and Baxter were on hand to polish Kate's shoes, should she so wish. And no, Middy wasn't too regal to descend the stairs and enter the servants quarters.



We've got to say, it's slightly surreal seeing Kate chatting away to Lady Mary and Anna Bates clad in 1920s costume. We half expected to see the Duchess slip into something from the wardrobe department herself to really get in the spirit of things (well, that's what we would have done anyway).



And as a fan of the show, Kate was no doubt pleased to be able to catch a glimpse of series six, as she sat on the sidelines watching filming through a monitor.

One thing we missed was the Duchess meeting Dame Maggie Smith, who plays the veers slightly terrifying LadyViolet Crawley. We wonder who curtsied who...

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