Kate Middleton's baby to be named after Pippa?

Kate Middleton's baby to be named after Pippa?

Pippa Middleton's middle name is the latest in the running for Kate Middleton's baby…

With Kate Middleton's due date fast approaching, the bets are on for the name of the Royal baby. Former favourite Alexandra remains the hottest contender if the little one is a girl, though a new name is close behind.

The odds for the name Charlotte have risen to 4/1, with Alexandra at 5/2. Diana, Mary and Victoria are also hot contenders.


Charlotte is the middle name of Pippa Middleton, so has a strong relevance for the Duchess of Cambridge's side of the family and also for the Royals, with two women from the family the wife of George III and her granddaughter Princess Charlotte of Wales, having had the moniker.


For a boy the names George, Philip and James are top of the list in the nation's bets.

With the baby expected in mid July, we guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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