Kate Middleton to give birth in Berkshire


Plenty of planning comes as part of the territory for any pregnant woman, but when you’re Kate Middleton, and still undertaking royal duties, decisions must be that much more difficult to make. So it wouldn’t besurprising if the Duchess of Cambridge opted to give birth at the hospital nearest to her parents house and their support, in Berkshire.


It has been suggested that mum Carole Middleton will play a large role in the weeks following the birth of the royal baby, and as such the Royal Berkshire Hospital would seem a convenient location. Plus, it’s where Kate’s younger sister Pippa Middleton was born.


While it would break with royal tradition, it is said that Kate Middleton’s obstetrician and gynecologist Alan Farthing will travel to any hospital the

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Duchess chooses to give birth. Only 3 months to go!