Kate Middleton’s catwalk dress is auctioned for £65k!

Kate Middleton’s catwalk dress is auctioned for £65k!

The dress that Kate Middleton modeled and caught Prince William's eye fetched £65k at auction!

Now a part of fashion and Royal history, the see-through dress Kate Middleton modeled at a St Andrew’s University charity fashion show in 2002 has been sold at auction for £65k.

Designed and knitted by University of the West of England fashion graduate, Charlotte Todd, the now iconic black and turquoise silk tube dress was originally intended to be a skirt worn over a slip. Costing just £30 to make, who could have predicted the knitted number would have reached such a figure at auction nine years later?


Before bidding commenced at the London auction house, the auctioneer introduced the dress as that which: "Caught a prince’s eye and then his heart," as Prince William is said to have avidly admired Kate during the university fashion show.

Valued at just £8k-10k, the dress caused a bidding fury but was ultimately won by a mystery bidder at the back of the room, on behalf of a ‘Nick from Jersey’.


With the added buyer’s premium making the final purchase £78k, it seems like a steep price but no doubt a wise investment. Who knows what it could fetch one day...

By Sarah Smith

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