Kate Middleton loves her J Brand jeans

Kate Middleton loves her J Brand jeans

Proving she can wear jeans just as well as she wears dresses, Kate Middleton wore her J Brands for the third day in a row on the Royal Tour with Prince William

Kate Middleton’s travel wardrobe has been a style triumph with a versatile assortment of designer dresses, tailored blazers and high street accessories but no packed piece of clothing has been more useful than her trusty J Brand jeans.


First worn to compete against Prince William in a Dragon Boat race, Kate has pulled out the skinny fit cropped navy trews from Trilogy Stores every day since, dressing them both up and down depending on the occasion.


Choosing the J Brand 811s to visit Slave Lake yesterday, a town in Northern Alberta devastated by wildfires in May, Kate tucked in a ruffled shirt and topped the look with a navy Smythe blazer to fit with the more somber mood.

And Kate’s not alone in her love for J Brand, A-listers including InStyle cover girl Nicole Scherzinger, Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba are also fans. We predict another store sell out...

By Sarah Smith

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